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The iCount Method® is a math model that works

The iCount Method® is a unique comprehension-based learning model, using strategies that explain the why and how of mathematics, at every level, and always one step at a time.


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What is The iCount Method®?

Developed over 15 years ago, The iCount Method® has changed the way children count. (Literally.) The iCount Method® goes beyond memorizing and applying procedures with little understanding of the concepts. It is centered on a comprehension-based approach.


Children grasp complex concepts in the core curriculum by understanding the why and how of math


Students enjoy discovering the usefulness and clarity of math with storytelling, manipulatives, logic and real-life situations that make math practical.

Fosters Academic Growth

With solid comprehension and mathematical foundations in place, children can progress further to higher-grade levels.


From basic, advanced, concrete, semi-concrete, and abstract, The iCount Method® teaches math one simple step at a time.

“It’s actually the first year that my students understand what to do in the math workbook without any help.”

“I’d like to let you know how much I appreciate your math program. Until this new school year, I can’t begin to tell you what a hard time I had coming up with a clear and concrete math practice for my students. I used to spend half of the lesson just explaining the directions to them. The iCount Method® changed everything. Everything seems much clearer to my students.”

3rd grade teacher in Monsey

The iCount Method® is easy to teach and easy to learn.

Our series of math workbooks, fluency books, posters, CD’s, and other learning tools build a solid math foundation for students throughout their elementary education.

The iCount Method® provides:

  • Strong number sense
  • Knowledge of how to reason with numbers
  • The ability to make sense of math

The iCount Method® also includes an evaluation sheet to monitor student progress in comparison to themselves as well as to the entire class.

With The iCount Method®, each lesson incorporates three core components:

Number Sense Activity

This activity gives children the ability to use and understand numbers.

Math Fluency Activity

This activity teaches tools to perform problems accurately and quickly.

Make Every Math Lesson Count!

The iCount Method® includes detailed steps on how to teach the lesson of the day, making the worksheets real for all students.

Explore a range of products that meet your students’ unique needs

The Premium Line

An all inclusive core math program that fosters students’ number sense, conceptual understanding, and metacognitive development. This is the math book that has ALL the skills students need: understanding numbers and problem solving.

Curriculum developed for grades: Pre 1A – 5th

Essential Line

The Essential Line teaches the essentials, ensuring that students master the vital components of their math curriculum.

Preschool Package includes:

A strong foundation of numbers and number sense
A volume of time and money
Addition and subtraction concepts

First Grade Package includes:

A strong foundation of addition and subtraction.

Second Grade Package includes:

A strong foundation of addition and subtraction with regrouping and problem solving.

Third Grade Package includes:

A strong foundation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and word problems.

Fourth Grade Package includes:

A strong foundation of long multiplication, long division, fractions and word problems.

Curriculum developed for grades: Pre 1A – 4th

The Classic Line

A proficiency-based instruction program focusing on the development of math language. This line ensures students have learned the basic knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education. Students completing the Classic Line will be proficient in developing math skills and know the basics of math.

Curriculum developed for grades: Pre 1A – 2nd

The Custom Classic Line

A custom, tailor-made book based on the feedback of teachers and principals. This series includes all the necessary tools and strategies made famous by The iCount Method®. It includes additional information to make it more “custom”.

Curriculum developed for grades: 1st and 2nd

The Abridged Line

The Abridged Line is endorsed by principals, and was developed to ensure that students at every level will be able to master the core grade curriculum. This abridged series features a reduced amount of math lessons, enabling students to succeed, progress, and feel accomplished

Curriculum developed for grades: 1st – 4th

Supplementary Books and Products

The iCount Method® offers many supplementary books and tools to enhance and upgrade your math curriculum. From fluency workbooks in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, to spiral review workbooks, to math readiness to Title 1 workbooks and classroom visuals, these products make learning math easier and fun.

“The iCount Method® is helping all our students, on every level, succeed in math.”

“My teacher is moving through the first grade red book, and absolutely loving it! The iCount Method® is helping all our students, on every level, succeed in math!! It is a pleasure to use.”

General Studies Principal

A curriculum that supports your teachers

The iCount Method® includes webinars or telephone support throughout the school year.

There is no charge for training sessions scheduled by The iCount Method® team before the start of each new school year.

For additional information, please contact The iCount Method® office at 732-529-0236.

Welcoming to The iCount Method® family

With The iCount Method® achieving enormous results, Mrs. Cweiber understood and anticipated the needs of both teachers and students, and realized there is room for more success.

And that’s how iKnow by The iCount Method® was launched.

If your students thrive better with a shorter format, ask to see our many sample chapters of iKnow by The iCount Method® series.

Explore our latest series boasting gorgeous colors, bigger fonts and fabulous graphics, and visualize your students shouting excitedly, “I Know!”


Can I get funding from the Board of Education?

Yes. Our experienced office staff is happy and able to assist you with your Board of Education funding needs.

Are the training workshops included in the price?

There is no charge for training sessions scheduled by The iCount Method® team before the start of each new school year or for webinars or telephone support throughout the school year.

Mrs. Cweiber is also available for training workshops in a myriad of math topics to meet your school’s needs, including but not limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, algebra, place value, and problem solving.

How can I get started?

For additional information, or for pricing, please contact The iCount Method® office at 732-529-0236.

Your Teacher’s Editions are so popular. What is the cost for each volume?

The iCount Method® includes a Teacher’s Edition at no cost for each grade ordering The iCount Method® math workbook for 25 students or more in the class. Because we want to ensure that each teacher achieves success and can access all our many supplemental pages and resources, for those schools where there are less than 25 students per class, please let us know, and we will try to accommodate you as best as we can. Please remember, when the school year is over, the teacher’s edition will be used again for the new school year.

Meet the Founder of The iCount Method®

My name is Shoshie Cweiber. I’m a mathematics specialist and educator with over 20 years of mathematics experience. After years of teaching math, I realized that our traditional models were NOT working. Children lacked the core comprehension to expand on math at higher grades or more abstract levels.

They were never really taught the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of math.

I set out to develop a method that our children will truly understand, and one that teachers could easily teach. After years of research, I developed The iCount Method® workshops. These workshops were the impetus for The iCount Method® workbooks. After ten years, The iCount Method® curriculum workbooks became a reality! Teachers now had a workbook that would help them implement The iCount Method® workshops in their classrooms.

Our series of math workbooks, math fluency books, math readiness and other successful tools were created to support and help students succeed in math. To ensure continued success, a new program, iKnow by The iCount Method®, has been launched.

Ideal for schools that have a time constraint on their math lessons, or who would better thrive with a simplified curriculum, the iKnow by The iCount Method® series guarantees positive achievement. I have successfully trained teachers in over 200 schools. I look forward to working with your staff to achieve your school’s math goals.

100% Complete Curriculum

Each book constitutes a complete math curriculum

100% Perfection

The levels of the math workbooks are referred to by color form as the curriculum in different schools vary. Schools can therefore choose books that correspond to their curriculum perfectly.

100% Compatibility

Our supplementary books can be used together with any book / program / curriculum.

100% Satisfied Schools

Every school is completely satisfied with the way The iCount Method® breaks everything down into easy-to-learn manageable steps.

100% Satisfied Students and Parents

We abide by our motto, “Each Student Counts – The iCount Method® Makes Sure!”

Our Motto

Make Every Math Lesson Count!

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