ISBN: 978-1-948736-27-5

Level Pink Math Workbook, Classic Line

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The iCount Method® Level Pink Math Book, Classic Edition comes in 8 little booklets so it easier for the students to handle. It teaches students positions and patterns, sorting, plane shapes, solid shapes, numbers 0-20, comparing sets, data and graphing, time, money, addition and subtraction concepts, numbers 21-31, calendar, measurement, and fractions. Each skill is presented with activity pages, related manipulatives, assessments, and detailed instruction on how to teach each skill from concrete to semi-concrete to abstract.

1 review for Level Pink Math Workbook, Classic Line

  1. Mrs. N., teacher

    Like all the iCount books, the Level Pink Math Workbook is well-formulated and complete. In my opinion, what makes this book stand out are its phenomenal graphics. My students love using it!

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