ISBN: 978-1-957527-05-5

Level Gray Teacher’s Edition Math Book, Abridged Line

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The Teacher’s Guide for the iCount Method® Level Gray Math Book, Abridged Edition, Updated clearly and methodically follows each chapter of the math book. Each lesson in the teacher’s guide assists the teacher in preparing and explaining the lesson. It is a continuous training session for each teacher. It instructs teachers precisely how to teach students place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication and multiplying by one-digit numbers, multiplying two-digit numbers, division and dividing by one-digit numbers, factors, multiples and patterns, fraction concepts, addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractions, fractions and decimals, geometry, measurement, time, money, data and probability. Each skill is presented with activity pages, related manipulatives, assessments, and detailed instruction on how to teach each skill from concrete to semi-concrete to abstract.

1 review for Level Gray Teacher’s Edition Math Book, Abridged Line

  1. Mrs. W., teacher

    The iCount Method Level Gray Teacher’s Edition effectively relays complex ideas without overwhelming students. I find the additional materials and supplementary exercises to be beneficial to my students as well.

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